The adult Sunday School classes of First Church are unique in the type of support provided.  Current classes include:

First Class: Young Adults – College & -20-something, Youth Lounge

Second Class: Young professionals, single and married, with an emphasis on evangelism and social justice (discussion format), Room B019B (off Fellowship Hall).

Faithful Families: Comprised of parents with children in elementary school and younger.  The class is facilitated by class members (B001A off the Youth Lounge).

Spiritual Formation: This class explores traditional Christian theological concepts through multiple perspectives (Room 204).

Christian Fellowship: This is a multi-generational class that lo0ks at a variety of topics (Room 125E).

Semper Fidelis: This class is comprised of a group of women who join together to study The Standard Lesson Commentary (Room 103).


Guyer Class: This class is comprised of mature members who enjoy a variety of guest teachers for their Sunday study (Room 125B).

Helping Hands: This group of mature believers uses lecture and discussion format (Room 105).

Mae Fetrow: This class of faithful women supports many mission outreaches (Room 125D, sanctuary, under the balcony).

F.S. Coulter: This class of faithful men use a lecture format.  (Room 125C, sanctuary, under the balcony).

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