As a United Methodist congregation, First Church’s mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, sharing God’s saving love and grace in our church, our local community and the world, so that all might be transformed.

We use the acronym “WINGS” to define our plan for accomplishing this mission:

Welcome All – We maintain “points of entry” into the church and reach out beyond the walls of the church to connect with those who are not yet in relationship with Jesus Christ. We strive to provide an environment in the church that is welcoming and inviting to all.

Invite Commitment – We invite newcomers into a relationship with Jesus Christ and with First Church. We strive to provide passionate Worship that will allow people to experience God in a direct and meaningful way.

Nurture & Grow Disciples – We work to intentionally to create opportunities that will nurture all in their growth as disciples of Jesus Christ, keeping in mind that people will be at various stages of faith formation.

Send Servants – We send our disciples out into the world so that they can share God’s saving love and grace, and make the world a different place.

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