Communications: Spreading the Good News of First Church

As Christians, we are called to “…go forth and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19). Sometimes the first step to creating a new disciple is simply extending the invitation to attend church.

The Communications Committee strives to ensure that First Church continually provides timely and relevant information, both to the local community and within our congregation, about our many ministries, events and programs.

Our committee actively utilizes local print, radio and television media, as well as social media like Facebook and Twitter, to promote events.

We want to let the community know what a welcoming and vibrant congregation we are. We encourage visitors and guests to attend our worship services and other fellowship events, and consider becoming members of our church.

The more First Church communicates, the more potential families and individuals we can reach and hopefully bring closer to Christ.

For more information on the Communications Committee, call the church at (717) 766-4611. Committee Chairperson Katie Hammaker or any of our committee members would be happy to help.