We may not be able to physically gather, but our faith can still grow!

Discover your Spiritual Gifts!

Now is a great time to discover your Spiritual Gifts or see how they may have changed over the years.  Click here to take the survey and feel free to share the results with our Director of Discipleship, Tina Eaton, at adultministry@fumchurch.com.  Enjoy discovering all the gifts God has given you!

Stay Connected!

The fact that we cannot gather physically right now is challenging, but it does provide us with the opportunity to build new habits that will prepare our hearts and minds for Holy Week and Easter!  Click here to find ways that you might engage in spiritual disciplines during this season of solitude.

Prayer Guides

Daily prayer is very important!  Click here for an easy to follow Prayer Guide from Moms in Prayer.

See God is our Mantle Prayer Guide here.

Develop a new practice of Prayer Journaling!  See tips on organizing a Prayer Journal here.  Click here to start your own Prayer Journal.

Daily Bible Reading Plan

Join us as we continue on our Daily Bible Reading Plan.  This Plan correlates with our current sermon series.  Click here to view the Plan.  To watch or listen to the latest Sermon, go to fumchurch.com and click on Resources, then Sermons.

Join us in the “July Prayer Challenge” this month!

Six Ways to Practice Sabbath

If every day seems to run together, click here to find practical ways to keep the Sabbath holy.  “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.”  Exodus 20:8-11.