1. Be sure you’re logged in
  2. Click the “Site Admin” link
  3. Click “Add New” in the left column of the page under “Posts”
  4. Give your post a Title
  5. In the field under “Post”, enter the text of your article; the controls above the Post box work similar to those in a word processing program
  6. A carriage return will leave space above the next paragraph; if you do not want that extra space, type shift-return for a line break
  7. To insert a file into your post, click the appropriate button above the toolbar next to where it says “Upload/Insert”. Click “Browse” to locate the file on your hard drive, then after you’ve selected it click “Upload”. Once your file is uploaded, give it an appropriate title, then click the “Insert into Post” button.
  8. Add keywords in the text box under “Tags”; tags are descriptors that help users find information on your site when they utilize the search function
  9. In the “Categories” section under the “Tags” section, check the box next to the category (or categories) under which you’re posting your article
  10. Click the “Publish” button in the grey box next to the Post box
If you ever need to edit your post, you can do so by clicking “Edit This” in the header of the article when you’re on the Community Site, or click “Edit” under “Posts” in the left column of the Site Admin/Dashboard.
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