The church’s purpose is to “make disciples for Jesus Christ.” The Confirmation program at First Church plays an important role in fulfilling that purpose. Most youth who enter the Confirmation program were baptized as infants, thus are already part of the congregation, members of the family of God. In Confirmation, they “make strong” their baptism—the promises their parents made on their behalf become their own promises at the time of Confirmation—and they become full participants in the life of the church.
Those who have not been baptized will receive baptism during their Confirmation experience.

We see ourselves as partnering with parents in the spiritual formation of their youth. The role that parents play in shaping their children as Christian disciples and equipping them for a life of service is both primary and essential. Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to participate and involve themselves in the Confirmation program.  Parents are invited to serve as adult leaders on the retreats and the Spring historic tour.

Confirmation Description and Components are the 5 areas of involvement that we ask Confirmands to invest in during the Confirmation Process.  The purpose of these components is to develop a lifestyle of involvement and participation in what God is doing in and through His Church.  Additional forms handed out to explain the process of confirmation can be found below:

Confirmation Covenant Information
Confirmation Mentorship Information
Confirmation Spiritual Disciplines